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Esther "Go Home"

Esther meets her new family for the first time.  Still shy, she will soon learn to trust and love her new adoptive family.

Rise from Abuse

Esther is up to a proper and healthy weight after years of neglect and abuse. No longer cowering from human interaction, she now exhibits typical animal behaviors and social interaction.


Trainer Jason Mayo says 'goodbye' and embraces Esther for the last time.  Jason worked continually for 5 weeks to heal and rehabilitate Esther to the point where she has moved from her puppy mill abuse to trusting humans - maybe for the first time in her life.





Way Home...

Saved from a puppy mill and an abusive life, Esther spent 8 months at the no-kill National Puppy Mill Rescue where she was cared for and brought back to health.  Her emotional scars of abuse made her very distrustful of humans and therefor unlikely to be adopted. Her inclusion into the K-9 prison program was a turning point in her rehabilitation.  Five weeks of continual human attention and interaction, offender and trainer Jason Mayo, slowly restored trust within Esther.  Her true-self  soon emerged.  Today she is a playful and responsive companion.