A documentary series chronicling the successful rehabilitation program of inmates training unwanted dogs for re-introduction or adoption, while highlighting the plight that both offenders and dogs face and how an unlikely union brings out a change in character of both man and beast. The results are life changing for the offender, dog and recipient. 




Castaways is about the characters whose lives and stories are weaved together and bonded by the interaction of man and dog. Each trying to save and serve one another. 




American prisons and jails house more than 2,297,400 inmates. Approximately one in every 18 men in the US is behind bars or being monitored. Criminals, from white-collar to murders, have committed crimes which have stripped them of their freedom and their existence only to be caged in jail to serve out the justice for their offenses. Rejected by society, these individuals lose whatever remaining humanity and self-worth they possess and fall into the belief that they have no positive contribution to make to society. 




The Humane Society estimates that animal shelters care for 6 million dogs every year in the US. Stray, abandoned and neglected pets are caged in shelters in hopes of adoption - to be a pet to a family or paired with an individual. Over half of these, or 3-4million dogs, are euthanized.