Castaways documents the model for a prison partnership program of inmates training unwanted dogs for re-introduction for adoption, to assist veterans and those with disabilities and as worker dogs for law enforcement and government agencies. Castaways will reveal the most unlikely of relationships and the bonds and transformations that are made as a result of this program. Law enforcement with felon, criminal with disabled are each bridged by a relationship of respect and appreciation because of the care, need and training of these dogs. This K-9 prison dog program is a win for the offender, a win for the dog and a win for the recipient. 


The story of Esther is just one of hundreds that we want to bring to life and share.   We, however, need your support and engagement to bring these stories to as large an audience as possible - to help create a movement to grow this program and support all those involved.  If the story of Esther was emotional and engaging to you, please share this episode with friends, social groups and with as many people as possible and let's start the conversation on how to change the way we consider these Castaways.


Value and self-worth emerge and a sense of contribution and being. Castaways touch hearts and change lives and it is revealing who most benefits from the program. If you would like to financially support this project, please visit our donations and support pages.

Castaways offers a look at redemption and second chances while presenting hope and opportunity.  Please share these programs so we can build awareness and help these Castaways.

 To see how Esther is doing now, please visit Esther for some images on her new re-formed life.  We will have a follow-up episode on Esther in the coming weeks.  

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